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* 400000 Flashes, Super Long Lifespan

* 10 energy gears

* Magnetic detachable dual light-emitting windows

* Manual + automatic dual modes

    Product Parameter

    1: Name: IPL hair removal device
    2: Model: T012C
    3: Color: White
    4: Host size: 148x190x56mm
    5: Adapter input voltage: 100-240V~50/60HZ
    6: Rated voltage: 24V-2A
    7: Maximum output energy: 17J
    8: Light emitting area: 4cm²

    9: Wavelength: 510-1200nm
    10: Rated power: about 48W
    11: Bare metal weight: 390g
    12: Machine weight: 1.38kg
    13: Number of flashes: 400,000 times
    14: Working Energy: 10 levels
    15: Packing list:1*Host,1*Lamp Head, 1*Adapter,1*Charging Cable, 1*Protective Glasses
    16: Certificates:CE/FCC/ROHS/PSE/FDA/NMPA/SFDA/13485、9001

    Features Of The 10 Energy Gears Diode Laser Hair Removal-T012C

    Freezing point function: dual-semiconductor dual-IC cooling mode, aluminum alloy ice pack.
    10 energy gears (touch the switch key to adjust the gear size).
    Quartz stone lamp tube, long service life.
    Customized customer LOGO can be engraved on the indicator light.
    40W light output times.
    Magnetic detachable dual light-emitting windows, the light-emitting area is 4 square centimeters, and the small window is 1.85 square centimeters, which can be applied to different parts of the body.
    Manual + automatic dual modes switching (press and hold the light button for 3 seconds to switch between manual and automatic modes).

    How To Use The 10 Energy Gears Diode Laser Hair Removal-T012C?

    • Step 1: Before use please clean and wipe the depilation area with water,and then shave after moisturizing the skin.
    • Step 2: Connect the epilator to the adapter plug,and connect the adapter to the power outlet.
    • Step 3: The default gear is 1 when starting up. Short press the "Power On" button to adjust the gear. Please start from the low gear.
    • Step 4: Touch the "power button" for 2 seconds to start the epilator,and enter the hair removal and ice care mode by default.
    • Step 5: Wear the exclusive goggles provided with the product to protect your eyes, and do not look directly at the flash.
    • Step 6: After the hair removal is completedpress and hold the "off button" for 2 seconds to shut down.
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