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Shenzhen Kemengya Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.(brand “KOUMYA” ) is a manufacturer focusing on the beauty care products & small household appliances ,we are looking for worldwide brand operation partners.

We responsible for the production and development of products,you responsible for market developments and local services. If you have the same ideas as us, please read the following requirements carefully:

● We need you to fill in and provide detailed information of your personal or company.
● You should do a preliminary market research and evaluation at the intended market, and then make your business plan, which is an important document for you to obtain our authorization.
● All of our partners are not allowed to do other brand products and use other brand promotional materials.
● You need to prepare an initial investment plan of 5,000-10,000 US dollars for the first purchase of a small amount of products and to expand the local market.

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Preliminary negotiation to determine cooperation intention

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Detailed consultation, interview and assessment

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The beauty care & small household appliances industry not only has a broad market scale in the China, but we also believe that the international market is a larger stage. In the next 10 years, KOUMYA will become an internationally renowned brand. Now, we are officially attracting more partners in the global international market, and we look forward to your joining.


In order to help you quickly occupy the market, recover the investment cost soon, also do a good business model and sustainable development, we will provide you with the following support:
● Certificate support
● Research and development support
● Sample support
● Online advertising support
● Free designing support
● Sales bonus support
● Professional service team support
● Regional protection
More supports, our foreign business department manager will explain for you in more details after the completion of joining.